Ar T-léinte

(Please bear with us whilst this section is translated!)

We have a range of t-shirt designs inspired by Celtic proverbs, which we first launched at the Pan Celtic Festival in Carlow. Our t-shirts are designed in Ring, Co. Waterford and professionally screen printed in Ireland onto 100% organic cotton EarthPositive t-shirts.  

The EarthPositive t-shirts are organic and ethically made in India, and manufactured solely using sustainable energy generated from wind and solar power, so our t-shirts have a minimal environmental footprint. For more information on the t-shirts please click here.


'Fios Cionn Fiagh' seanfocail Éireannach agus Albanach

'Dinn Rí Seanscéal' le Leabhar Laighin


'Tír Gan Teanga' - Seanfocail Teanga Ceilteach

'Caora Dubh' - seanfocail Éireannach agus Breatnais

'Na Géanna Eitilte' - seanfocail Éireannach agus Albanach

An tSeisiún

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